Thank-you for wanting to order one, or more, of my signatures.
Payment can be made by credit card via PayPal or by sending cash.
Unfortunately, I cannot accept checks or money orders, since I am in the UK
& the banks over here charge too much to exchange the funds.

Please fill out the form, below, then credit the relevant amount through the PayPal link. The sigs are made, normally within 24 hrs of receipt of funds, & sent as .gif
attachments to an email. For multiple orders, please submit separate forms.

Select the style required :-

The styles in these 2 columns are $5US for up to 5 letters, $10US for up to 10 letters. The styles in this column are $5US for up to 10 letters.

Red rose writing
Tweety painting
House Mouse writing
Minnie painting
Gold Quill writing
Mickey painting
White Rose on card
Jessica Rabbit painting
Sylvester painting
Turtle painting
Donald painting
Little Mouse writing
Fairy writing

Pooh painting
Paint Palette
Hand & Pen writing
Chip painting
Cat jumping
Bear painting
Dale painting
Knight writing
Owl painting
Tigger painting
Laser writing

Humming Birds
Long Hand
Betty Boop
Tigger bouncing
Horse rearing
Dog barking


Kiss Girl

Name required on animation :- 

Font required, if different from style default :- 

Colour of font, if different from style default :-  If you require a particular colour, please go to my COLOUR CHART , select the colour, then copy the hex number & paste it into the box above.

Your name, if different to the name required  :- 

Your e-mail address :- 

I wish to pay by credit card, through PayPal 
I wish to pay by cash, please send further details

If you wish to pay by PayPal, please 'Submit' this form, then use this link - click on the PayPal logo - to make the relevant payment. 

For multiple orders, please 'submit' separate order forms for each signature. Once submitted, 'reset' the form to start again. You need only make one 'grand total' payment to PayPal.

Any additional comments :- 

Once completed, please click the Submit button, once only, it is likely that you will get a couple of warning messages, saying that you are sending an email. This is quite normal, rest assured that no information gathered will be passed onto any 3rd party.
This form is only compatible with Internet Explorer browsers. For, & web based mail users, please either copy & paste the form into an html email or just state the name, style and whether a particular font or font colour are required, in your email.

To pay by PayPal, please click on the logos, below, once you've submitted the form.

Should you have a problem with this form,  or would just like to say 'hello', please
mail me.