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How to use an animated signature!

First thing you should do, obviously, is to download your file.  Generally speaking, with any version of AOL it will go into the AOL/download/ directory.  That is a default directory that AOL uses.  You should be mindful of where it downloads to, as this location will be where you go to put it into your emails.

Providing it is not zipped, you should then open an email to write, write the email, and when finished go to the small camera icon on the tool bar within the email.  On a mouse hover it says "Insert a picture".  When clicked, you get a choice of events, but you want "insert a picture" from the choices.  This will then open up a file dialogue box where you can
choose the file you want.  Chances are very good that it will be of the directory you last accessed (which, as above, would be where you downloaded the file).  If the file is not there, you need to navigate to the folder that you downloaded the file too.  However, let's go on the premise that it is the correct folder.  So now you choose the file you want and click it then click open.   It will insert the gif right where the cursor was when you did that. You generally would do that at the end of the email.

Now, the gif will *NOT animate in the mail as it is being written.  It *WILL animate once sent and the recipient opens it.  I would advise you to send yourself an email with it inserted so that when you check the "test" mail you send yourself, it will animate and you will know it works. Other than that, this works and it works without a hitch.  It may seem daunting because when using AOL, you cannot see the animation.  But a simple email to yourself will show you that it does.  Does any of that make sense to you? 
Good luck & have fun.