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If you've come to this page, it probably means that you would like to mail me 
a request. Unfortunately, I am like the above 'White Rabbit',- No time, I'm late.
  I am no longer able to guarantee an 'ask & I'll get' service. However, should
you REALLY want a customised name signature, perhaps even personalised 
to the extent of using your own actual hand signature, like this one :-

or even both forename & surname :-

then I can be commissioned to make you one.
Short names (up to 5 letters) cost $5US per animation, for any style.
Longer names, using some of the styles, cost $5US, other styles $10US.
The signatures are on a transparent back-ground unless they can't be.
As a paying customer, I will quite willingly work to a font, colour
and size, of your choice. 
To create an animation of your own hand writing, all I need is for
 it to be sent to me on a piece of white paper, at normal size.
I can then scan it & make the file, using the scanned image.

If you would like to order a signature, please CLICK here.