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How to use an animated signature!

Help with Using Your Signatures in Incredimail
To use them, if you don't already know how, just right click on the name you
want, choose "save picture as" and remember where you are saving it on your
computer.  When you want to put it in your email, make sure your cursor is
where you want it, choose Insert from the top menu, and then Picture.
Browse to where you saved it on your computer, click OK, and you should now
have your signature in your email.

A very nice person sent me the following tips and suggestions.  (Thank You!)
Hopefully, this information can help many of you that are just learning
about signatures and/or Incredimail.

Instead of saving it and going through insert all you have to do is right
click on the picture (any jpg or gif) and choose add animation to incredimal
style box.  That is the easiest and then when you write a letter you just
have to go to animations and add it wherever you want.  I like to right
click on the animation and then choose insert into edit space so that I can
put it wherever I want and use as many animations as I want that way.  If
you just click on it, it goes to the bottom the page.  Another way you can
do it, is save it like you said wherever you want and then go to animations,
click on add (at the bottom) and then find your signature where you saved
it.  Then you can use it the same way I said up above.  Just right click and
insert wherever you want.

Good Luck!