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How to use an animated signature!

Firstly, in order to insert a picture in your e-mail, you need to send it in html format. However, if you have M/S Word as your editor, I can't find an option to change the format, once you are in the new message. So, there are two options, whilst in your inbox, go Tools>Options>Mail Format then 'Send this mail using html', now if you have M/S Word checked as your editor, then a new mail will come up in html format, from where you can either insert your picture(signature) or create a default signature, which inserts automatically - see below. Your best option would be to uncheck the M/S Word as your editor, then, when you bring up a new message, you are able to go Format>HTML, to change from plain text to htrml.

  1. Create a new folder called signatures in My documents & save your signature in it. Make sure that you can easily locate it. 

  2. Open Microsoft Outlook  and click on the tab Tools, then click on Options.

  3. Then, choose the mail format  tab and click on signature

  4. Enter a name for your signature.. and click NEXT 

Step 4. Enter a name for your signature.. and click NEXT

Step 5.. Write the details that you want to appear with your animated signature.. then right click the mouse and choose insert image..

Step 6. Click on browse and locate where you have saved the animated file.

Then click OK.

Step 7 then click FINISH

Step 8.. If you want to ALWAYS use it in every email you send.. repeat STEP 2 but this time, click on the drop down button to choose your saved signature..

However, if you want to choose only the email you want to attach it with, create the new message first and after it, go to the part where you want your signature to appear